Our services

We specialize in three area's

Many companies struggle with the question which of the customer projects they should execute. Without a longer term direction it is hard to take decisions on what to do and what to leave. Defining long term goals is often difficult if you are in the mid of running the daily business of the company. Therefore an external, trusted advisor asking the key questions and structuring the overall process to achieve a clear vision, direction and strategic plan together with your team can be of great help. We look forward to working with you and your management team!

Once a clear strategy is in place, the team needs to switch towards a disciplined execution of the plan. Communicating the strategic message, motivating all people in the company and structuring the core company processes are key to success. In smaller companies often the level of experience is unequally distributed for different areas, sometimes it is the number of tasks that requires external support. If key people are temporarily unavailable, but execution cannot be delayed, interim management can be a valuable solution. For processes which are not part of the daily business of the company, like establishing partnerships, funding negotiations, mergers or becoming acquired, the hands-on management experience of ATHEAM can overcome a temporary gap. In each case, we look forward to help you resolve the issues on hand!

Technology development is the motor for hi-tech companies. But how to establish a differentiating technology within the boundaries of time, budget and quality? ATHEAM strengthens your technology team by providing possible alternative options or execution solutions. During execution, measuring, visualizing and reducing risk is used as a key method to achieve predefined targets. Co-development with multiple partners requires a clear definition of roles of each partner, appointment of bridges and a clear team communication. This becomes even more important with people from different cultural backgrounds. ATHEAM helps you structure your development collaboration which prevents delays along the process. IP can be used as a tool to create value, to prevent competitors from easy entry or simply to safeguard created value. Cost of patents should be balanced against their value which requires an objective external technical assessment. ATHEAM assists in building a valuable IP portfolio or in pruning it to optimize its value. We love it when a technology comes together!